The Calendar of the Moons

The Moons of Romarra – The Calendar

Romarra is a giant planet, and it has many satellites that could be planets in their own right. The four largest moons have become the basis of the Romarran calendar.

Deios makes a full rotation around Romarra every 24 hours. Deios is a green moon filled with vegetation. Deios is the largest moon in Romarras night sky.

Weaknyr makes a rotation every 8 cycles of Deios. Weaknyr is a world without water and has no naturally occurring life across its bleak white sand desserts.

Munthar, rotates around Romarra every 32 cycle of Deios. It is a blue planet, with few strips of land above its surface.

Yyros, rotates around Romarra over a period of time of 352 cycles of Deios. Yyros is a populated moon, though travel to and from is rare, its not unheard of. Yyros appears red under the nights sky.

On Romarra, a Dei is one rotaiton of Deios, A Weak one rotation of Weaknyr (8days) A munth is one rotatation of Munthar(32days), A yyr is one complete cycle of Yyros (352 Days)

The Calendar of the Moons

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