Herizyn - The Indigo Mystery

The Doppelganger and Androids races both originated on this moon. The cultures of Herizyn were once extremely advanced in melding technology and magic to advance their lives. Hunger, thirst and shelter were all non issues so they spent most their times in either luxury or pursuit of stronger devices. Herizyns lush red foliage bloomed all year.

One day everything changed.

Nobody on Romarra knows exactly what happened but something appeared on Herizyn and scoured across its surface destroying everything it passed. As the various sentient beings fled using technology and magic some survivors activated a "astral jammer" similar to the used to seal away the dragons, around the planet to keep teleportation magic from functioning to or from Herizyn.

The living beings that escaped slowly became the Doppelgangers within a few weeks. Most of the ships that left Herizyn were destroyed when they crashed into Romarra and a few androids destroyed the ones that remained to stop anyone from ever returning to Herizyn, but a few have been found over the millennia.

The once red moon is now a dark purple, whether that has to do with the astral jammer or a side effect of whatever happened, is currently unknown.

Herizyn - The Indigo Mystery

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