Aric - The Scarlet Sands

Aric is a small dry arid moon with most of its water residing at its north and south poles. For this reason reason most life on Aric lives near those poles. The moons circumference is only a few thousand miles. Roughly 1,000 miles of desert separate the two poles and their communities.

The Northern Pole is mostly a collection of nomads and tribes, where might makes right and life, sex, and alcohol are all cheap and plentiful. The Southern Pole is aristocratic, having sultans, advisers, large spiraled towers and has a booming market economy that trades in rare goods. The capitol of the Southern Pole is "The City of Brass".

Almost all of the inhabitants of Aric are born with at least minor psionics powers, and few are born with innate magical power this is incredibly important because active magic use causes nearby vegetation to rapidly decay.

Whenever a spell is cast on Aric, perform the following equation where spell level = X

(X^2)*5 = number of feet spread.
9-X = Number of days for plant life to die.

Even a first level spell causes all vegetation within 5 feet to die over the course of a week. A 9th level spell causes all plant life in over 400 feet in every direction to perish instantly.

However, all spells on Aric are considered intensified, their caster level is 5 levels higher, and their durations doubled. Magic so easily bleeds into the material world here that all spellcraft checks gain a +5 bonus on Aric.

These two effects mean that both communities on Aric have outlawed the use of magic on their world and offer large bounties on caught sorcerers and witches, and high level casters often travel to its vast deserts to have spell duels, work on arcane experiments, or research new spells. One of the few permanent portals on Romarra though permanently link it to this moon. This portal is in the heart of the "Stormwing Desert" and marks the location the ancient wyrm Stormwing was slain by her bastard son and other companions of the Dragon Queen.

Many travel to Aric to seek out rare goods and commodities and it is a favored retreat for any who feel they have been wronged by magics.

Aric - The Scarlet Sands

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