Races of Romarra

In addition to the normal Pathfinder races with some minor changes many races exist unique to Romarra.

The Arrans, a race of humanoids with draconic wings. The Arrans have risen to power across the various nations of Romarra. The Arrans wings can be any color, and bears no correlation to the personality of the Arran, however their are still cultural superstitions, about the dragons of old.

The Baelsons, a vast-ranging race of scaley skinned vaguely draconic humanoids. Roughly 20% of Baelsons are born with a large serpentine tail instead of legs. The baelsons are a combinant race of the many years of interbreeding between the various draconic half breeds of Romarra.

The Varden, humans whose bloodline is tainted by negative energy. The Varden are as much dead as they are alive, and when a varden dies, his spirit is free to roam until killed. The majority of the world has begrudginly began to accept the Varden, and some have embraced the ghostly Varden as old sages.

The Jax, roughly 1% of all human or Varden off spring result randomly in a Jax, but all twins do. The Jax are humans who are more alive than any other race could wish to be. They favor quick decisions and innovation. Jax gain the memories of their ancestors as they age, while not every detail is remembered they can usually remember people and places fairly well.

The Kurst, these towering creatures are a step between dwarf and earth elementals. Large shoulders and complete lack of hair makes them stand out in comparison to most humanoids. Kurst can not breed, when a Kurst dies, a new one simply rises out of the stone as a full fledged adult somewhere else in the world. The Kurst are the rarest species on Romarra.

The Rebuilt, sentient magical items given a humanoid body and life by powerful spellcasters. Every Rebuilt is a unique creature and few show and similarities to one another other than basic humanoid form and the fact that the item they once were becomes a permanent part of their humanoid body.

The Doppelgangers, a race of shapeshifters descended from one of Romarra's many moons. The Doppelgangers of Romarra are natural empaths and many wear a favored form most of the time as a way of showing their honesty to other races.

The Androids, are a created race from the height of Romarra's ancient technology. While the Androids aren't necessarily much smarter than other humanoids they are all innately aware of how ancient technology works even when they first encounter it, as some type of source code.

The Awakened Beasts is a catch all term to cover all of the odd player versions of magical beasts in Romarra. From an awakened tiger cub to a pegassus, it is created with these rule

Races of Romarra

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