Romarra is a giant planet, orbited by dozens of moons, most of which are planets in their own right, and all of which can support life at least some type of life. The planet has over 100 continents, and thousands of cultures, however, it had been united twice in its past, once by a malevolent draconic conspiracy and once again by the woman now only remembered as "the Dragon Queen".

Over 10,000 years ago, the various people of Romarra had been manipulated by a council of 10 ancient dragons. Across the globe thousands were dying in wars these dragons manipulated for personal power and wealth. Then the dragons went too far, they arranged for an entire kingdom of dragon blooded people to be wiped out, but they left a survivor and her guardian.

The would-of-have-been-Queen of that kingdom grew up in secret, and when she came of age, she took a blade and started taking vengeance on the Dragons, starting what is now known as "The War of Draconic Libertarion", she gathered allies of many races of walks of life, a dwarven prince in exile, a world famous pirate, a shapeshifter, the bastard son of her childhood guardian, two brothers who channeled the arcane and divine, and many others. The groups first major success was converting the "Dragon Riders" the champions of the draconic overlords, all of which shared the blood of their masters. From there they took out the dragons breeding program, and then one by one hunted them down. During this time they became the heroes of many continents and even other worlds. Except one, Varden. The young king of Varden had a personal vendetta against the group. Blaming them for all the wrongs he himself had committed due to draconic manipulation. The Varden people led by their king waged a war against The Dragon Queen and her allies. Varden people used magic powered by their own bodies and souls and quickly gained an upper hand. The dwarven prince asked his people to rally to aid their alliance, and they cast a great spell that merged them forever to the heart of the planet. When one of his men was defeated in battle, a full grown adult was immediately birthed somewhere else in the world. This allowed him and his people to protect the citizenry across the globe at the cost of denying themselves entry into the afterlife. With the populace protected, The Dragon Queen teleported directly into the Varden Palace, and after all was said and done, many were dead, but The Dragon Queen and her companions were victorious.

The final dragon conspirator presented himself, he was a coward, and knew he could hide from them forever but it would not be a life worth living, he begged for a great request. He would allow himself to be killed, if all of the pure blooded dragons would be allowed to leave Romarra, for its most multi terrain moon. The Dragon Queen and her friends agreed to this, she used her great teleportation magic to bring them all to the planet. Her arcane companions shielded the moon with a giant magical barrier, and the pirate queen left to sail the astral and ethereal seas for eternity, to sever all connections to the moon so nothing could ever travel to or from it.

The Dragon Queen asked for all those with draconic blood to rally under her banner. They did, and the world was made better for it, just over three thousand years, Romarra entered into a mostly golden era. Technology and Magic blended together to create a world of wonderment. When the Dragon Queen was on her deathbed the dragons found a way to strike back one more time. All but her Shapeshifter friend had succumbed to age, the shapeshifter turned into a Giant Platinum dragon, and the dragon Queen rode it into battle against the dragons. Her forces used every last bit of magic and technology they could to bring the fight back against the Dragons. She knew her forces couldn't last long against the force of thousand year old dragons, so before the majority of the dragons were able to escape their moon, she landed on it, the shapeshifter shielded her with its body, and she teleported the moon away, never to be seen alive again. 

Some say she teleported the moon into the sun, others into the abyss itself. Romarra though was thrown into chaos, their magic reservoirs were mostly emptied in what became known as "The War of Dracnoic Revenge". Without the Dragon Queen, different groups fell into disrepair and antagonism. She had saved the world, but destroying her magical kingdom was the cost. The Pirate Queen found her body in the astral sea, and buried it in secret.

Since then Romarra has been a world rebuilding. Rediscovering their own ancient magic, and awakening ancient machines and the things that were made to protect them. Some kingdoms have advanced to the point of firearms, while others are barely coming out of the bronze age and elsewhere beings of magic and technology. While many of its inhabitants and creature have draconic blood, a full blooded dragon hasn't been seen in over a millennia. Romarra stands poised to enters into second golden age, as it rediscovers its own beautiful history.